"300 of Sparta Epic March"  Sparta - Thermopylae


Spring 2017

from May 7, to May 14

Registrations closed 


Accept the CHALLENGE !

Feel the PASSION !

Experience the ADVENTURE !

Share the road that led king Leonidas and His 300 to their EPIC GLORY!

February 2017


Dear athletes,

In accordance with the data we have in hand for the time being, most of the athletes expressed their interest to hike the entire distance (Sparta – Thermopylae) instead of participating in a competitive race.  

After that we decided to reschedule the original program and change the character from race to march.  So:

  1. The event “300 of Sparta” will finally be executed as a “March” (hiking) instead of a competitive race.
  2. Every night at the end of each ETAPE, all athletes will be accommodated in hotels on the axis of the route, or nearby, instead of in camps. In the hotels, athletes will share one room (double room occupancy), with a co-athlete. Single occupancy can be arranged upon request with a surcharge. 

The rest of the program remains as originally scheduled, as well as the fee involved.

Please consider the above two amendments and in case you have no objection you can proceed with registration following the steps provided on the site.

We are sorry for the inconvenience we might have caused you, but these things happen at the launch of innovative and difficult events like “The 300 of Sparta”.

We trust, you will join us in this important athletic event in terms of physical effort and historical significance. 

The organizers

November 01, 2016


Dear Athletes,

Please find here below updated information regarding the event  "300 of Sparta - Endurance Race":


1. As you already know the race will start on the 7th of May 2017 and end on the 14th of May 2017. Terms have been uploaded on our website which we kindly ask you to visit for more information. Up to now all preparations goes well.

2. The participation fee for the race has been determined at EURO 1,300 (one thousand three hundred) and covers all the relevant expenses of your stay in Greece for participating in the race from May 6th to May 14th 2017. This includes:

i) Bus transfer from Athens to Sparta on Saturday 6th of May 2017

ii) One-night accommodation in a hotel in Sparta (starting point of the race).

iii) Assistance and full support services for the duration of the race (8 days)

iv) Bus transfer from Thermopylae to Athens on Sunday the 14th of May 2017

v) Accommodation in a hotel in Athens on May 14th 2017

The participation fee does not include transfer to/from Greece as well as other obligations apart from those relevant to the race and which are mentioned in detail in the race Terms that are uploaded on the web site.

40% of the participation fee (i.e. € 520) is to be paid upon registration and the remaining 60% (€ 780) is to be paid not later than 28th February 2017.

3. In parallel and simultaneously with the race, a non-competitive march/expedition will take place on the same track. Athletes that wish to do so, have to declare it by selecting “march” upon registration, in the form provided.

4. Our company is also proposing an extra tour program for companions and athletes who would extend their stay in Greece for some more days. All details of this program is described on this site, by clicking “COMPANIONS PROGRAM” at the top line of the welcome page.

All athletes and companions that should be interested to participate in the event “300 of Sparta” Sparta - Thermopylae" are kindly requested to visit our website once more at  and proceed for registration following the required steps. 

Your early registration will help us to better preparation of the event.


Thank you again for your interest and we promise an awesome and unique event.

With my best regards

Pavlos & Kostas